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Rationing health care by patient dumping

We look at the sad practice of patient dumping, whereby indigent hospital patients get dumped on the street—hopefully close to some sort of charity facility.

Of course, this practice was regarded as a vicious rumor until it was caught on tape in March, 2006.

Typically, the politicians don't get it.  They are quick to point out that a law has been on the books since 1986, prohibiting such activities!  Yeah, and there are laws against the use of certain drugs, also.

As always, more governmental control of health care is posited as the answer, but here's a little point for you (and Michael Moore):

We ALREADY have socialized medicine.  It's just that the government engages third parties (HMOs and insurance companies) to run the thing.  Be prepared to see lots more rationing in the future, even if flagrant patient dumping might decrease.