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If global warming doesn't get you, will new car smell kill you instead?

The people over at asked me to comment [my comments are highlighted in yellow] on a ludicrous "study," that looked at the dangers of new car smell.

I had so much fun debunking this for, that I wrote a piece for Health News Digest on the same topic.  About the only thing that comes out of the various studies is that you shouldn't keep the windows rolled up in a new car in hot weather, or else certain chemicals might build up inside the car.

Of course, if you do, just open the windows and ventilate the vehicle before you step inside.

What passes for science these days is mind-blowing, and that includes the revelation that the patron saint of anthropogenic global warming, James Hansen, was a global-COOLING chicken little in the 1970s.  Moreover, the lead author of the study at the time warned that the cooling would be caused by the dust inherent in fossil fuel combustion, and that the carbon dioxide produced would not help to alleviate this effect.

You will be hard pressed to find any acclaimed scientist in ANY field of endeavor who would unashamedly advocate diametrically opposed positions such as this.  And, don't be fooled by apologists who are trying to explain this away by saying that Hansen merely wrote the computer model used to arrive at the cooling conclusions. 

While Hansen is not listed an author on the 1971 article in question, it is highly doubtful that he would disbelieve his own modeling program, don't you think?  Not surprising that all-purpose troll Tim Lambert is pushing just such an illogical defense of Hansen.  No word, though, on S. H. Schneider, who WAS an author of the 1971 article, and some time in the 1980s changed from global cooling to global warming.

So, there you have it:  Two 180 degree changes in position—with no particular explanation—occurring over a short time period, in reference to phenomena that occur in GEOLOGICAL TIME.

If this scenario is not enough to change the minds of the anthropogenic global warming fanatics, then nothing will.

Banning chlorine?

Michael Fumento and Michelle Malkin skewer certain heirs of the late unlamented Rachel Carson, and present a monograph entitled Rachel’s Folly:  The End of Chlorine

Considering that the use of chlorine to purify water is the greatest scientific achievement in history for the betterment of mankind, the skewering may not have been too difficult, but it is surely needed in these days of huge attitudes and very small minds.

There's plenty more excellent content on Fumento's website.  (And also Michelle's)