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Environmental racism in reverse

Elitist phonies like Joe Lieberman are desperately trying to boost their Greenie bona fides on the backs of the Inupiat Eskimos.  Just another example of how the Green movement is mostly about overprivileged poseurs making themselves feel good at the expense of the poor and the third world.

We're talking about stopping ALL development of ANWR.

Read all about it here.  And get to know what the people who live up there think.

Taking a look at vibrational medicine

Some things never die.  Instead, they come back under new names about every 25 years or so.  I'm talking about the new iteration of the "Rife Machine," now looped into the, uh, science of vibrational medicine, also called radionics.

I posted a Health New Digest piece on this, but can get a little more brutal on the blog...

Royal Rife, supposedly the father of this field, made all kinds of claims for his device, as well as claims about his academic background such as having a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, which was untrue. More than that, although he did work on high-powered microscopes, his claim of a magnification of 60,000 times is beyond the theoretical capability of an optical microscope.

But, by all accounts, he seems to have escaped actual prosecution, unlike many of his latter day followers, some of whom are doing hard jail time for fake, fatal, and expensive cancer therapies.

I point out that advocates of vibrational medicine also link themselves to homeopathy founder Samuel Hahnemann, presumably because they are treating like with like. That is, they are treating a vibrational imbalance with vibration.  At the same time, I can't resist pointing out that homeopathy, way more than allopathy, focuses strictly on symptoms, rather than the underlying causes of disease.