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February 2008

A rational look at climate change

That's the title of my latest Health News Digest posting, mirrored here.  I discuss a wonderful study just done by Dr. Indur M. Goklany, for the Cato Institute.

He looks at various issues that would be exacerbated by climate change, and then comes to the rather sensible conclusion that instead of attempting to shut down the Earth (a full-on adaptation of the Kyoto protocol would only stop supposed global warming by 7 percent), we should address the problems DIRECTLY.

A whole lot more bang for the buck.

Note that he accepts the first premise of the chicken littles, but then offers a much better solution.  Great job!

Great new features in Interscan's Nomad data loggers

To understand pollution and toxic exposure, you've got to measure it.  AND, as you measure it, you need to record it.  That's where data logging and data acquisition come in.

Interscan's Nomad data loggers have long been employed in survey applications, and now boast some great new features, including being able to accept several types of inputs, as well as a greatly expanded storage capacity.

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And in the Thomas Industrial Newsroom

Larry Muscarella's guide to avoiding a hospital-acquired infection

There is no one better than Lawrence Muscarella, Ph.D. on the subject of infection control.  He's the guy the public health authorites go to when they're faced with a crisis.

Larry weighed in on the widely publicized article "15 steps you can take to reduce your risk of a hospital infection," that is posted at

While Larry agrees with much of what is noted there, he does have some serious issues with a few of their points...

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