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So much Green hype, and so little truth

No doubt, hyperbole reigns supreme on Earth Day, as every PR flack on, uh, Earth sees this as a great way to promote his client—truth or even relevance be damned!

SO---it's always refreshing to find a company that actually is doing something to improve the environment —and doesn't merely seek to garner good press for otherwise negligible accomplishments.

Enter Spruce Industries, a leading provider of safe, "green," and effective cleaning supplies and janitorial services. Spruce recognizes that smart environmentalism starts with maintaining a sound building and cleaning it appropriately, and leaves the expensive gimmicks or slick marketing to others.

And therein lies the real truth about adopting green policies: the most successful tactics are often the wisest, simplest, and most cost effective, eschewing designer buildings, pricey cars or celebrity endorsements.

This Earth Day, spruce things up with Spruce.