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Taking a look at holistic medicine

Our recent HND posting entitled "A Look At Holistic Medicine:  Theory And Practice," lays the groundwork...

Holistic medicine is described as a doctrine of preventive and therapeutic medicine that emphasizes the necessity of looking at the whole person--his body, mind, emotions, and environment--rather than at an isolated function or organ; and which promotes the use of a wide range of health practices and therapies. Another aspect of holistic medicine puts ownership of the patient's health back with the patient, teaching the precepts of exercise, a good diet, adequate sleep, fresh air, and moderation in personal habits.

This healing doctrine differs from conventional or allopathic medicine, whereby a disease is treated using remedies (generally pharmaceutical drugs) which produce effects different from those produced by the disease under treatment.

As it happens, many patients--especially aging baby boomers--have much higher expectations for their health than did previous generations. A large percentage of people are seeking alternative care, and take as negative role models such celebrities as the late Tony Snow, who pursued orthodox therapies all the way down the line, and even mocked alternative methods, only to die at age 53. While death is not optional, examination of other approaches seems prudent in this information-rich age of ours.

We then describe some of what goes on in a real holistic practice operated by an innovative MD.

Check it out.


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