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The Formaldehyde Council has a new blog

Our good friends at the Formaldehyde Council have just launched a blog entitled "Formaldehyde Facts."

The first posting concerned an extremely biased video, submitted by Portland State University, which was nothing more than an infomercial for PureBond, a supposed substitute for formaldehyde in certain manufactured wood product applications.  Less than 24 hours after the posting, the video was pulled from YouTube.

In a bizarre twist, the CEO of Columbia Forest Products—makers of Purebond—sent a letter to customers and partners explaining that they requested that the video be removed, and that its posting was never authorized by Columbia.  This is strange, though, considering that three members of its senior management team—Elizabeth Whelan, CFP's Director of Forest Sustainability; Steve Pung, CFP's Vice President of Technology; and Ed Woods, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales—make appearances, along with the company's former CEO, Harry Demorest.

We expect more tough content on this blog in weeks to come.


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