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So, what's up with the Alaska pollock population?

According to Greenpeace, the levels are down because of overfishing. But, according to everyone else—including NOAA, the North Pacific Management Council, and the National Marine Fisheries Service—there's no problem at all.

Heck, even according to Greenpeace itself, there's no problem—if you consider that this fish shows up on their "Red List" for the US, but not for Canada. As such, the group holds that a single species is sustainable on one dinner table but not on another. Would any of Greenpeace's sycophant media toadies care to explain that little gem?

Our take is that the economic crunch is hitting Greenpeace's fund raising, and even more than usual, they won't let facts and logic stand in the way of an emotional appeal letter or TV spot.

See what our friends at the National Fisheries Institute have to say about this.


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