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Soy-based laser printer cartridges--It's about time

Even though soy ink technology has been around for more than 20 years, and is widely accepted for most printing applications, it is only quite recently that soy-based laser cartridges have been available.

Standish, Maine based PRC Technologies has rolled them out in the US, after more than a year of extensive testing. One of PRC's first dealers is LaserMonks, owned by Our Lady of Spring Bank Cistercian Abbey, a small monastic community located in southwestern Wisconsin.

The LaserMonks have a great reputation for fair pricing, excellent customer service, and will plant a tree in the rain forest for each cartridge purchased. what's more, a portion of their profits go to charity.

What a wonderful story! A real green product, sold under the Rule of St. Benedict. Read all about this in my HND piece.


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