Fun movie critic terminology
Know1ng didn't please most of the crix, but I liked it

Here's some crackpot advice: Stop eating fish to save the environment

Yes, indeed. That's the gist of an article recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

If you're surprised by the lack of editorial standards, don't feel too bad, as many of the key points are buttressed by citations from equally absurd articles, only those appear in the more prestigious Science and Nature. And, that's when the authors of Canadian Medical Association Journal entry aren't citing THEMSELVES as the authority.

Twenty-five years ago, not only would this sort of thing have been laughed off any editorial review board, it would have probably black-balled the author for a good long time. Not anymore, though, with PC running rampant in the science journal world. Well, they ARE academics...

I have fun tearing this one apart in my latest HND piece. Enjoy.


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