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Researchers identify a gene that tracks susceptibility to lung cancer

Chemophobia and its victims

That's the title of my latest HND piece.

There are two classes of victims: Those who actually suffer or even die as the result of chemophobic policies—such as the millions of Africans who died of malaria, based on the senseless banning of DDT—and those otherwise well-meaning individuals whose brains get turned into mush as a result of believing all this nonsense.

British science writer A.R. Michaelis was probably the first person to use the term "chemophobia," and we discuss his work a little bit.

Also covered is the famous maxim of toxicology: The dose makes the poison, and some words on those who try to deny this.

Alarmists will identify a known toxic chemical, present in an infinitesimally small amount in some product, and then attempt to scare people as if the chemical were a deadly toxin at any concentration. Thus, we have the absurd situation whereby people are trying to "free themselves" of formaldehyde, even though it is a metabolite in all animals, is present in human breath at a median concentration of 30 parts-per-billion, and naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables.

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