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More on the home health care robotic revolution

We've mentioned the CareBot™ from Gecko Systems before, but it's just such a great idea that it deserves more coverage.

When reporters write about robotics, they often refer to industry as a prime example of successfully integrating this technology. After all, robots play a central role in the manufacture of automobiles and other machinery so the example is an easy one—but an incomplete one.

The real revolution in robotics is in home health care. Some great apps are:

  • Monitoring patients
  • Dispensing medication
  • Communicating with doctors
  • Relaying important medical information

Gecko's CareBot™ is a home health care robot that promises to transform how we assist our loved ones. Reliable, durable and technologically advanced—the CareBot™ adapts to new surroundings and gives the peace of mind patients deserve.

Welcome to the new world of robotics!


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