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World class nutritionist Jo-Ann Heslin takes down some food myths by bringing some logic and right reason to the notion of "processed foods."

How's this for an opening paragraph?

The ancient Greeks processed foods by turning barely edible seeds of wheat, inedible fresh olives, and perishable grapes into bread, olive oil and wine. These "processed" foods are the foundation of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

As she notes:

Labeling all processed foods as to-be-avoided, unhealthy choices would be a serious mistake. Actually, avoiding all processed foods could result in a less-than-healthy diet.

She also puts a stake through the heart of the cliché of the "evil" food companies. After all, if people didn't buy various less-than-healthful products, they wouldn't be offered for sale, would they? Jo-Ann is too kind to say outright that if we want someone to blame, we should be looking in the mirror.

Read the complete HND article, and check out her website.


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