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In the never-ending fiasco that started in 1965 when the Feds entered health care in earnest, you can always count on a few things:

1.     Each successive bit of regulation will further erode the doctor-patient relationship.

2.     No money will ever be saved. On the contrary, costs will only rise.

3.     Honest docs will get squeezed, crooked ones will game the system.

4.     No matter what changes are made, insurance companies and big pharma will benefit more than any other players.

5.     Patients will get increasingly dissatisfied with their care.

My latest HND piece deals with vaccine purchasing contracts, also known as "compliance contracts." On the surface, they look like a way for struggling pediatricians to control costs, but looks can be deceiving.

Instead, they reward the already federally-subsidized vaccine giants, and stifle innovation. Or, as I describe it:

The net result is predatory, monopolistic practices in an over-regulated market, where the needs of the consumer (the patient) are completely ignored. It's hard to imagine a scenario that is less free enterprise than this one!

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