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Junk science on fragrances--continued

My latest HND piece examines yet another assault on common sense, as discussed here earlier. This time it's fragranced consumer products, courtesy of the work of an environmental engineering professor. It seems that she's discovered that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are in these fragranced consumer products, to which I would say "No kidding!" (or something a bit stronger).

After all, just about anything you can smell has an odor precisely because it IS a VOC.

I obtained further information on how this work got published, and I don't think you'll like what I discovered.

Anne C. Steinemann, PhD, an environmental engineering professor at the University of Washington, and chief perpetrator of the "science" in question here is also heavily involved in the area of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which—to be kind—is, uh, controversial.

Peer reviewed science sure ain't what it used to be...

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