Driving US families into fuel poverty (Guest article)
Does Peter Pronovost really have a magic bullet to reduce hospital-acquired infections?

Seven ways to improve health care and the environment in 2011

My latest HND piece starts the year off with some suggestions. These are:


1.   Encourage telecommuting on a much grander scale

2.   Apply rigorous tort reform to medical malpractice

3.   Temper medicine's current obsession with blood numbers

4.   Promote accountability at the EPA

5.   Reform the medical education cartel

6.   Bring real editorial boards back to scientific journals

7.   Promote a healthy skepticism within the general public


All seven of these precepts are obvious, but are still overlooked, mostly because there is no direct way to make money with any of them. Of course, all of them will SAVE money, but who in leadership really cares about that? If they did, they would do more than just talk about it, right?

Read the complete article, where I fill in the details.


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