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Ace reporters Aaron Kessler and Joaquin Sapien are digging into the tragic deaths at Ft. Bragg, and won't stop until they get some definitive answers. Michael Foreman and I are honored to be part of this ongoing investigation.

Note that there were initial findings of tainted and corrosive (aka "Chinese") drywall, but these somehow melted away.

While there have been no confirmed deaths due to tainted and corrosive drywall, it is conceivable that vulnerable infants, with some respiratory issue, could be seriously affected.

However, there seems to be a very odd lack of focus here. You would think that if the goal is to establish cause of death in these babies, there would have been extensive postmortem studies, including a comprehensive toxicology panel. If this has occurred, the Government is certainly keeping quiet about it.

Instead, we are treated to a 134-page report on the drywall and indoor air quality of the affected residences, and even then, the drywall was not subjected to a definitive chamber test.

One is left to wonder just how much our leaders really care about our fighting men and women. Perhaps the Army is taking full advantage of the situation whereby the unfortunate military parents can't complain too aggressively, for fear of ruining their careers.

Kind of gives a new meaning to the old cliché "Our boys," doesn't it?



Thanks for the acknowledgements ...
At this time, there is no standard or parameter of what level is acceptable or not acceptable concerning off-gassing or out-gassing when conducting Tainted Corrosive Drywall tests.
The big issue at hand to-day, affected or infected people with Tainted Corrosive Drywall are not getting or requesting that the correct testing is performed.
Simply put, most tests designed to look for specific minerals, believed to be ... markers ... indicative of TCD.
These tests are not validated and definitive answers whether or not the drywall is off-gassing corrosive vapors.
The point is ... there is a one-size-fits-all test ...
CHAMBER TESTING ... period !!!
With NO documented acceptable standard levels, at this time, Foreman and Associates strongly feels, over 75 micrograms of hydrogen sulfide, off-gassing per square meter, per hour, causes very detectable corrosion after 90 days exposure.
Chamber Testing is the only reliable test, that accurately details, documents, and measures, affected or infected, Tainted Corrosive Drywall off-gassing levels.
At this time, I would think, action / testing, to establish ...
Acceptable or Non-Acceptable Levels of hydrogen sulfide out-gassing and corrosion would be something the CPSC or ASTM would establish !!!
Michael S. Foreman

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