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Your brain does not have to deteriorate as you age

My latest HND piece is all about Cognitive Fitness, and how we can maintain it even as we get older. The best news for us Baby Boomers is that much of the conventional wisdom has been proven wrong. A proliferation of neuroscience research in the 1990s indicates that the brain does not necessarily diminish with age. Neither do our neurons have to die off as we add the years.

But, just as maintaining physical fitness requires physical exercise, maintaining cognitive fitness requires mental exercise.

For those willing to keep exercising their brains, the benefits can be huge. I cover the case of Richard Wetherill, who was able to essentially immunize himself from the symptoms of Alzheimer's, by working his mind to stay sharp.

Also included is an introduction to some Cog Fitness metrics, with a look at a new program from the Developmental Assessment & Intervention Center of Bedford Hills, NY

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