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Greening up trade shows

That's the title of my HND piece from a few days ago. Inasmuch as these conventions are truly a giant waste of resources in this age of instant and eco-friendly communications, organizers of the events are forced to make the appearance of being Green.

Of course, the Greenest thing would be to conduct virtual trade shows, and some of the organizers are doing just that. For the most part, though, the organizers are coming up with mostly trivial ways in which the exhibitors can be more environmentally conscious, such as bringing only the amount of product literature they really think they will pass out, and suggesting less disposable (i.e. non-trinket) sorts of booth giveaways.

Another item of interest is more sustainable badge holders, and boojeebeads offers a line of these that can morph into eyeglass holders, after the trade show.

Still, other than being a big fund-raising exercise for the organizers, not much else is Green about trade shows.

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