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Fun with clueless journos--1

Let's hear it for offshore oil

My latest HND piece shines the spotlight on offshore oil drilling, and contrasts it with recent "venture socialism" green energy debacles. It's hard to imagine a failure more epic than Solyndra, but given this clueless administration, there could be more.

In the meantime, real people need real energy, so—to quote a famous phrase from the 60s—"You're either part of the solution, or you're part of the problem." If the Feds intend to stay in the energy business, they're going to have to do WAY better. One tack might be to grant loans to companies that are actually worthwhile, rather than those that are merely politically connected.

We also take a look at a Triumph Drilling, a leader in the offshore space.

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After reading the article ...
Remembered where I was the day Horizon drilling rig exploded ...
Cape Coral, Florida ... with a live, FOX News crew, reporting on tainted corrosive "Chinese" drywall and my firms Proprietary NDE Analysis Protocol and application of the SNiPER treatment system ...
My how time flies, when you are having fun ...
We got bumped from our live feed, viewers attention focused on the oil spill for months, Chinese drywall took a back seat, and we just kept pushing forward.
Looks like the Triumph Drilling company has impressed you enough to write an article, and I could not agree more with your comments.

Michael S. Foreman
Foreman and Associates, Inc.

Michael Shaw

Thanks for the memories...

As bad as the oil spill was, people actually did something about it. Too bad there wasn't the same general concern for Chinese drywall.

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