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Things for which I'd like to be thankful

In this latest HND piece, I look at true health care reform, and better defining the mission of the FDA.

I explain why continuing down the current road of what is quite inaptly called "health care reform" is perhaps the biggest fool's errand of all time. Simply put, using the current flawed disease care model, there is not enough money in the world to pay for it. There may have been, if we had not all gotten caught up in the absurd population bomb nonsense of the 1970s, but—as I say—the chits are now being called in.

As to the FDA, the latest fiasco with Avastin demonstrates what's wrong with this agency.

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Promoting safety in youth sports

We don't always think about what could go wrong, especially in "non-contact" sports such as baseball. Unfortunately, minor injuries happen all the time, and on rare occasions, certain traumas, notably Commotio Cordis, can be almost instantly fatal.

My latest HND piece examines these matters, and highlights one New Jersey based entrepreneur, who has recently introduced a number of innovative safety products, designed to better protect young athletes.

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Comparing education and health care

One of the best analogies for our failing health care system is our failing education system. My latest HND piece uncovers more similarities than you might think exist.

For one thing, the cost of both is staggering... adding up to roughly $2.5 trillion for health care and $1 trillion for education each year in the US. Bear in mind that the gross domestic product in 2010 was $14.6 trillion.

It's no big news that fewer and fewer people are happy with the results of either institution, but the more the government gets involved, the worse—and more expensive—it seems to get.

Yovel Badash of NoMaYa, Inc. is one man who is trying to fix education, and we discuss some of his ideas.

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Vitamin D once more

A few days ago, I posted my third HND piece on Vitamin D. Interesting findings are included for the common cold and influenza, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Also mentioned is the importance of cholesterol to Vitamin D synthesis, and how statins could be upsetting this. While D is the so-called "Sunshine Vitamin," many people will not get enough sun to produce sufficient amounts, and food sources will generally be inadequate. Thus, supplementation is essential for most individuals.

We also describe a new Vitamin D shot product...Smart D™.

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Anxiety, Depression, and Drugs, Oh My

Sadly, this title really could have been written by Judy Garland, but other than speaking the original line—riffed by me—in The Wizard of Oz (1939), and being no stranger to drugs, this HND piece has nothing to do with her.

Instead, with the help of Marcia Angell, MD, we take a look at the real-life fantasy world of psychoactive drugs. Or, in keeping with our film reference, we see what's behind the curtain, and it's not pretty.

The major psychoactive drugs are revealed to be no better than placebos; the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is mostly nonsense; psychoactive drugs are being given to children as young as two; and the process whereby the DSM is complied is fundamentally flawed.

We also cite research indicating that financial problems do cause mental health issues, and spotlight a Dallas man who is helping people sell distressed homes.

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