Sometimes, health insurance is not enough
St. John Bosco (1815-1888)

People with more education are healthier

This is not exactly a new finding, but several studies keep confirming it.  I take a look at this phenomenon in a recent HND piece.

Here's a pull quote from a  September, 2009 study:

People with more education are likely to live longer, to experience better health outcomes, and to practice health-promoting behaviors such as exercising regularly, refraining from smoking, and obtaining timely health care check-ups and screenings.

We also put the spotlight on the notion of private supplemental academies, and talk to Shakir McDonald, Founder/Director of the B.E.E. Academy, based in Landover, MD.  These academies, patterned after the Japanese Juku, do a great job fostering learning skills, thus keeping their students in school—with higher grades.

Read the complete article.


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