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Some good news regarding Siloxane D5—and why you should care

That's the title of my latest HND piece. Siloxane D5 is an important silicone, which was being investigated by the Canadian government, and recently received a clean bill of health from their ministries of the environment and health.

You should care about this because the Canadians are known as absolute sticklers on chemical regulation, and even our own EPA stopped worrying about D5 in 2005. Thus, the fear entrepreneurs got all excited when the Canadian investigation was announced, but have kept mum about the positive results.

What a shock.

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Do well by doing good

My latest HND piece expands on this Ben Franklin quote, noting that charity is essential to the operation of our health care system. Overall, Americans are quite charitable, and I describe how some people in the real estate industry have come up with innovative ways to give back to the community.

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