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Drywall lawsuits against National Gypsum dismissed in Federal court

Our friends at National Gypsum fought the good fight...and won.  Although it had been established some time ago that Nat Gyp's products were not causing the problems in the plaintiff's homes, why let facts stand in the way of a lawsuit?

Finally, though, the suits have been dismissed.   Read the press release.




Sally Johnson

Interesting story. I have never heard of drywall lawsuits. I wonder in any drywall in toronto has had problems?

Michael Shaw

A few years ago, there was some concern expressed regarding drywall that had entered Canada via Vancouver.

There was little follow-up to these initial reports. Without the climate of Florida, symptoms could be hidden for years.

William Walker

I sure hope my friend that does drywall installation in Naperville, IL stays safe with his work. I hope something like this doesn't happen to him.

William |

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