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Do the right green thing

In this HND piece, we invoke Spike Lee's film of nearly the same name while we ponder what ARE the right Green things?

Just as in the film, choosing the the right thing to do is not easy, and involves trade-offs. I cite a couple of examples...

While you would be hard-pressed to find a Green who is pro-Nuke, nuclear power surely gets us away from most of the bad things caused by fossil fuels---while presenting its own set of problems. Likewise, in the mad rush to seal up our homes tight as a drum in order that we could save every single bit of energy, we also created a massive problem with indoor air quality.

Fortunately, there are ways to be Green besides being an academic or politician. We discuss how innovative businesses and get into the act...and, no, I don't mean by becoming a federally-subsidized joke such as Solyndra.

Read the complete article.


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