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September 2012

Improving quality and security in health care IT

This HND piece takes another look at Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and what we must do to secure them.  The public got fooled a bit by HIPAA and HITECH into thinking that "privacy" in health records just meant keeping the details of your treatment away from prying eyes.  If only...

The real problem is preventing medical identity theft, and far too little has been done about this growing problem.  We highlight a company that is bringing new directions into the matter of access control.

But, besides that, if docs are going to rely completely on computerized records, the system better be reliable, and we take a look at by delving into colocation.  As in letting the pros host your server, in a secure facility with data and power backup.

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Will preventive medicine meet the challenge?

This HND piece examines the rising field of preventive medicine, and cautions that we'd better do it right.  Film buffs will remember the 1936 howler "Reefer Madness,"which was supposedly intended to scare youth from using marijuana, but probably had the opposite effect.

We also spotlight the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program, an enterprise that deserves a whole lot more attention.  They too have recognized that improving the health of our at-risk kids will be a key component of any preventive health effort.

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Do the right green thing

In this HND piece, we invoke Spike Lee's film of nearly the same name while we ponder what ARE the right Green things?

Just as in the film, choosing the the right thing to do is not easy, and involves trade-offs. I cite a couple of examples...

While you would be hard-pressed to find a Green who is pro-Nuke, nuclear power surely gets us away from most of the bad things caused by fossil fuels---while presenting its own set of problems. Likewise, in the mad rush to seal up our homes tight as a drum in order that we could save every single bit of energy, we also created a massive problem with indoor air quality.

Fortunately, there are ways to be Green besides being an academic or politician. We discuss how innovative businesses and get into the act...and, no, I don't mean by becoming a federally-subsidized joke such as Solyndra.

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