The autumnal equinox

How energy abundance might affect health care

This HND piece covers my portion of a recent panel entitled "The Societal Implications of Energy Abundance." This presentation—open to the public—was one of the first events that took place during the 18th International Symposium on Electronic Art. Or, as it is better known this year, ISEA2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness.

Moderator Scott M.Tyson believes that we are just a few decades away from either harnessing fusion, or the even more amazing quantum fluctuation energy sources. Baby Boomers will remember that during the 1950s, we thought we were pretty close to energy abundance, and in some ways were were, based on nuclear fission. Of course, the risks were deemed too great to build it out to a greater extent.

My portion of the panel considered how abundant energy could affect health care, and for those of you who assume that I would be touting amazing high-tech breakthroughs, think again. The number one boon to health, and indeed for all aspects of humanity with energy abundance, would be massively increasing the desalination of sea water.

There's more, so I suggest you read the complete article.


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