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January 2013

Trends in health care IT: They’re not all positive

As this HND piece details it, the chickens are already coming home to roost regarding the so-called Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and related laws, and it's not even 2014. Implementation of the new coding system (ICD-10), which is vital for providers getting paid, has been delayed a year (to 2014), but when it comes, it will surely cause many doctor's offices to close.

Indeed, switching to ICD-10 would have been bad enough, but add to that the mounds of additional reporting put onto the docs, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Then there's the ridiculous push to EHR (electronic health records)--also due by 2014. The powers that be aren't even bothering to lie anymore that it will improve patient outcomes, but here's the best part: The driving force behind this misadventure was a 2005 report from RAND Corporation. Now, RAND is backing way off from the rosy claims they made.

Oh yeah, the report was paid for by Cerner Corporation, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, and Xerox—all heavily involved in EHR. These companies have made billions on the forced transition--to essentially no benefit of the patients or the providers.

I guess no one noticed who sponsored the report, even though it was on the cover! Still want these despicable federal bureaucrats running your health care? And, what does that tell you about the members of Congress who signed off on ACA, and the various related bills?

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Communicating your message on the web

This HND piece walks through memory lane, and references the first web page ever created, while taking the reader through some basics. As always, content is king.

Of course, these days, creating that website is a whole lot easier, based on cool CMS (Content Management System) products, such as WordPress. A number of solid tips, garnered from experts, are presented.

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Suspect Zero (2004) retrospective

This dark movie never really got its due, for a variety of reasons explored in this retrospective.  Hard to follow for many casual film fans, it's definitely worth the trouble.

Featuring not one, but two serial killers--even if one of them is arguably a good guy--and one of the few Hollywood pics to cover the phenomenon of remote viewing, this little offbeat gem is turning into somewhat of a cult favorite...finally.

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