Talk about giving up something for Lent
Watching the Affordable Care Act unfold (or maybe unravel)

Meds aren’t always the answer

This HND piece takes a hard look at psychiatry and its over-reliance on psychotropic medications. We put up some good quotes from psychiatrist-reformers Peter Breggin and Thomas Szasz.

Some Szasz...

It is customary to define psychiatry as a medical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. This is a worthless and misleading definition. Mental illness is a myth. Psychiatrists are not concerned with mental illnesses and their treatments. In actual practice they deal with personal, social, and ethical problems in living.

Some Breggin...

[I]nstead of meeting the normal needs of our children we are suppressing them with drugs. And the child is being deprived of the most important learning process of childhood—learning to grow in personal responsibility and self-direction. Instead the child is taught to believe, 'I have ADHD' and 'I need a pill to help me control myself.'


Much more in the complete article.


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