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Glycemic control for fun and profit

Every type 2 diabetic hears from first diagnosis how vitally important it is to keep those blood glucose levels under control i.e. Glycemic Control. Typically, this admonition is followed by a litany of awful complications that can ensue if you don't keep tight glycemic control.

This HND piece takes a look at the so-called evidence behind this meme. Would you be surprised to discover that it is limited and shoddy at best, and if anything, the literature does NOT support tight glycemic control in type 2's.

It would appear that the most dire consequence of backing away from tight glycemic control in type 2's is that sales of insulin, testing supplies, and oral hypoglycemics might plummet. People could look to switching to a high fat/low carb diet, putting the stake through the heart of yet another health care meme.

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Breast cancer, mammograms, and the fear factor

This HND piece begins with a brief history of the disease, going back to the ancient Egyptians, and then focuses on mammograms. Just how effective are they in saving lives?

Would you believe: Not very effective, at all. In fact, according to a recently completed large study, there is no difference in breast cancer mortality between women who had regular mammograms and those who did not. Of course, given the $7 billion we spend in the US on mammograms, there surely would be a difference to those imagining centers that perform this testing, wouldn't there?

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Springtime observations on Obamacare

This HND piece examines the status of Obamacare at the moment, and sets a historical context with the astonishingly expensive—and incandescently ineffective—War on Poverty.

If you sell electronic health records (EHR), you are in the very small group of people who, so far, have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). We also show how Medicare cuts are affecting everyone, and not just those under 65.

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As one critic put it:  "Uh, no."  This pic is an overblown mess.  Check out my review over at the Mike's Comments.  All in all, this Noah is about what you’d expect from an atheist vegan director with way too much money to spend.