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April 2015

FDA follies, part 1

I'm afraid that it's time to beat up on the FDA...again. This HND piece first presents the mission of this agency, then gives some examples of how it has, uh, failed to perform. The awful saga of TZD diabetes drugs needs to be dredged up, often, and we do it here.

The current disaster regarding yet another series of Listeria outbreaks, and the ridiculous targeting of KIND, LLC, reflect your tax dollars at work.

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Sustainability: A fable for our time

This HND piece looks into the nebulous and contradictory nature of sustainability, going all the way back to the introduction of the term in 1987, by the UN. Of course, in those days, when it was called "sustainable development," it was primarily concerned with reducing the gap in standard of living between rich and poor countries.

Indeed, it must shock today's Greens that back then, it was stipulated that increased energy production will be needed to improve the plight of the poor.

Alas, given the apocalyptic nature of the Green movement, it was inevitable that a "sustainability is not sustainable" faction would emerge, and we discuss two very different proponents of that faction. In the process, we examine the incredible junk science behind this movement.

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Pernicious junk science

This HND article takes up from the previous week's autism piece. It is an easy segue to the awful world of junk science. Sadly, desperate parents of autistic kids have embraced every manner of voodoo, in search of a cure.

Of course, this plays into the goals of the lunatic anti-vaxers, as well as the fear entrepreneur chemophobes. We name names, including a few you may never have heard of. Also included are some thoughts from Kary Mullis.

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It's aware of autism

This HND piece celebrates—sort of—the "Autism Awareness" month of April. We do this be increasing awareness of a contrarian, and probably exactly correct theory of how a condition once affecting 1-2 children in 10,000 now has skyrocketed to 1 in 68.

Your top clue stems from the fact that 99+% of today's "autistic" kids would not have been diagnosed as such by Dr. Leo Kanner, the guy who discovered and researched the condition in children, back in the 1940s.

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A look at rehab

This HND piece takes you through a brief history of rehab, drug abuse, and delves a bit into the work of the late William Steiner—an early contrarian in the field.

We also take a look at a Hollywood, CA-based rehab facility, described by a local magazine as "[A] recovery gem tucked away in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city."

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