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Further to the Beth Israel Deaconess story

Please allow me to connect some dots here. In this posting, we exposed the firing of a tenured, well-respected physician (also on the Harvard Med faculty) because he quietly spoke out on the health dangers of the gay lifestyle.

Political Correctness eclipsed public health, of course, and the lion's share of the media was complicit in not covering this outrage.

But you see folks, it does not stop there. Not in the least. Now that PC runs public health, I can predict with supreme confidence that one day, PC dicta will be that no one over age 90 gets medical treatment, and instead should simply take one for the team, do his civic duty, and die. No doubt, docs will speak out, and no doubt they will get fired.

And, don't even start with what will happen once the Mandarins decide that health outcomes must be equal in all races. Rationing of care, anyone?

Dear readers, please understand that with PC guiding public health there is no turning back, it is truly game over. This is a far worse development than Medicare. True, Medicare destroyed the way healthcare is delivered, but only PC can destroy what is even included in the definition of healthcare.

Silly Hitler, he used violence, when all he really needed was PC. Of course, Adolf WAS onto something when he invented government-run healthcare. That's right, full-on socialized medicine was first created by Adolf Hitler. You could look it up.

A look at hydration

This HND piece begins by tracing our modern obsession with expert opinion (Spoiler alert: Benjy Spock), and then segues into some basic physiology on hydration.

How much water do you need per day? The experts say "It depends," but we go out on a limb and actually provide specific advice. Hoo-baby!

There's also the matter of overhydration, which turns out to be a problem only for those with some legitimate disease—and that includes OCD athletes.

Read the complete article.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Gaystapo

Here's a great example of the adage "Scratch a liberal, reveal a Nazi."

Physician expelled from staff for telling the truth about homosexual behavior and criticizing hospital’s involvement in “Gay Pride” events.

They just won't tolerate intolerance. Sieg Heil!!



The problem with healthcare--part 1

As we approach the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson signing the Medicare bill into law (July 30th), what better time to consider the seemingly intractable problem of healthcare? This HND piece traces the breakdown of our healthcare system from Medicare—the proximate cause—to the present day.

We touch on such items as how health insurance has become equivalent to healthcare, to how the AMA—once a staunch opponent of socialized medicine—is now one of its biggest supporters. Of course, it's their monopolization of how reimbursements are figured that really messes things up.

Noting the title, this piece is just the beginning. Read the complete article.

Trump versus McCain

How easy it is for hordes of RINOs and others to pile on Donald Trump for his statements disparaging John McCain. Perhaps, we should take a harder look at some of the precepts in play here...

Full disclosure: Since any criticism of the military inevitably invites personal attacks, let me state my own record: While an undergraduate, I had a 2-S student deferment, after which, I was classified 1-A for several years, although this classification became moot after the Vietnam War ended. I was simply never drafted. Had I been drafted, I would have served. Upon learning a great deal about the Vietnam War years later, I concluded that it was a total disaster, producing nothing more than dead and wounded Americans.

Trump questions why a POW should automatically be considered a war hero, and like it or not, his point is well taken. Indeed, during World War II, POWs were regarded as only slightly better than traitors. How did this change?

I submit that the Vietnam War was such an unmitigated catastrophe, that our "leaders" needed to search for any positive story they could possibly come up with. Thus, McCain, a POW, became a hero. As an aside, does this mean that John Kerry and Ron Kovic, both famous protesters of the war--and veterans--were also heroes?

If POWs are heroes, then why did our government, including St. Ronnie himself, eventually give up on finding POWs/MIAs despite credible evidence that there were still hundreds unaccounted for? There are many references extant, including this one that implicates McCain himself in the cover-up.

As to McCain, there are legions who question his heroic status, and references abound implicating him in all sorts of wrongdoing while he was a POW—and before.

Here are but a few links:

McCain gave the North Vietnamese vital information

McCain lies, betrays his fellow soldiers

Big problems regarding the USS Forrestal incident in which 134 died.

McCain's sordid personal life.

There are dozens of web pages discussing McCain not being a good guy, from all ends of the political spectrum. And Donald Trump is the only person who dares take this guy on.

Political correctness and public health

This HND piece takes you through the origin of the term PC, compares it to Orwell's "Newspeak," and tracks it as it is now destroying public health. Sally Satel, MD was the first to write about this, back in 2000, and it's only gotten much worse since then.

Lenin and Stalin in their wildest dreams could not have seen how for this outrage would come.

Read the complete article.

The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the gout

For all the current drivel about "storytelling," one wonders why history—which is ideally suited to such an approach—almost never uses it. Instead, students are force-fed endless dates and trivia, lately attempting to promote an SJW (social justice warrior) mentality. The fact is, much of history is determined by matters which are all too human.

This HND piece describes how our country could have been a whole lot different, if John Hancock had not suffered from gout.

Read the complete article.

Welcome to Sweden: What Tumblr would look like if it were a country

Yes, it really is that bad.  Think the US is immune?   Think again.  (Some strong language).



It is always risky to attempt to explain metaphors—especially someone else's, as the title comes from the guy in the video—but due to popular demand, here goes:  Tumblr is a powerfully equipped micro-blogging site, that seems to be the fulfillment of Karl Kraus' comment, "A journalist is a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them."

Graphics and other forms of media are heavily featured, as is pornography. I think the idea is that Sweden is now letting any lunatic have total freedom to pollute the common environment, as if this were a virtue. Since rape (if perpetrated by immigrants) is all but completely tolerated, the porno of Tumblr comes to violent life in Sweden.