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Are you over 70? Are you ready to die?

This HND piece exposes how the dubious notion of "sustainability" (popularized by the UN) has now caught up with the lifespan of humans. It seems that one way of improving lives for most, is to limit the lifespan of some.

At least that's what came out of an article published last January in The Lancet. The geniuses who wrote it define premature death as occurring before age 70, implying that "most" of these are preventable. This has caused those over 70 to feel...left out.

Ironically, some oldsters rightfully complaining about this ghoulish policy have no problem drinking the Kool-Aid on the rest of the 168 specific sustainability targets.

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Who's watching the watchers: Big problems with ERCP scopes

This HND piece returns to the sadly familiar matter of deaths from contaminated ERCP scopes.

This time, there is another wrongful death lawsuit, and perhaps more importantly, the FDA is now publicly getting involved. So, there's something for everyone! Regulatory screw-ups, manufacturers covering their rear end, and blame being thrown back and forth.

The sad part of this is that it is not exactly "rocket science" to determine—once and for all—the best method to process these scopes. all that's standing in the way is fear, corruption, and a whole lot of money.

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All hail AllTrials

This HND piece shines a big spotlight on AllTrials, a project launched in the UK, which advocates that all clinical trials should be listed in a clinical trials registry, and their results should always be shared as open data. The motto is "All Trials Registered—All Results Reported." Recently, AllTrials has been launched the US.

It comes as a surprise to most people that crummy clinical trial results are seldom publicized. The most obvious problem with this, of course, is that such negatives can help prevent disasters. There are many examples, but a particularly awful one involves certain arrhythmia drugs, which—to be kind—did not quite produce the intended results. Trouble is, in the absence of the earlier negative findings being published, around 100,000 poor souls dies unnecessarily.

Gee, what if 66 Titanics sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic? Do you think people might complain? Just one more demonstration of the rotten state of "science" these days. But this time, there's hope.

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Dr. Kendrick, LDL, and meaningless guidelines

This HND piece follows the continuing saga of the cholesterol nonsense and new and outrageously expensive drugs that have emerged to control this medical non-issue. It seems that the third party payers are questioning things...finally.

Good guy Dr. Malcolm Kendrick pokes fun at these developments, in light of the "LDL may not matter" big reveal of 2013. Yep, that supposed super baddie may not be so important after all. So, can we give back the side effects and get some dough for the drugs we took, that we didn't need to take?

And what better time to introduce a new drug for controlling LDL, that can cost more than $1000 a month?

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