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Medical idolatry and healthcare outcomes

This HND piece takes aim at credentialism, and in a sense is a follow-up to an earlier posting.

Among other things, we go after the almost comically greedy American Board of Internal Medicine, and cover their latest attempts at becoming a true life version of Dr. Evil. You'll love their ludicrous stance on copyright. Heck, even people who disagree with my views on the notion of copyright being mostly indefensible are appalled by how far into the wild blue yonder ABIM has taken it!

As to the benefits of board certification, you'd think that with a nearly 80-year history and a complete monopoly, they would have reams of data supporting their cause. But, you'd be wrong.

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More on walking back the low fat

This HND piece continues the saga on how officialdom is trying to cover itself over the rapidly deteriorating diet/fat/cholesterol/heart disease meme. The elites are in full crisis mode now, as certain members of Congress are mocking them openly.

Many people—from all walks of life—are criticizing the "Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee." But no one has done a better job than investigative journo Nina Teicholz, bestselling author of The Big Fat Surprise.

The elites can only fight back by calling to authority, except that authority has been bankrupt for over 30 years.

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Dietary fat is no longer the bad guy, or Why does anyone listen to the experts?

This HND piece looks behind the current walking back of the "fat is evil" dietary theory. Readers of this blog know that the dietary fat/cholesterol/coronary heart disease meme has been disproved hundreds of times, but I guess bad ideas die very slowly.

The change in the wind is likely a direct result of the feckless bureaucrats behind this garbage finally sensing that the party's over. Maybe we can find some genius economist to help us determine how many lives have been ruined or even lost because of this deadly wrong advice.

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Yet more mindless attacks on e-cigarettes

This HND piece picks up the baton from a few months ago. Only this time, the State of Indiana is complicit in a rotten crony capitalism scheme, which throws out the more popular closed e-cig systems, in favor of the old-school closed systems.

Surely, it is only by coincidence that the closed systems—favored by Big tobacco—are exempt from the legislation. Yep, just like it's a coincidence that the closed systems aren't quite as good as the open devices at helping people quit smoking.

Maybe some day, the public will connect the dots, and figure out that "public health" is the LAST thing on the minds of the ghouls in charge of government and private public health organizations.

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