Remember Sabrina Rubin Erdely?
Will the Patty Murray superbug/tainted scope report shake things up?

Did cavemen get heart disease?

This HND piece begins with the new 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, and then segues into the so-called paleo diet.

All told there is at least a bit of sense in the guidelines, even if they still get it wrong about sat fat and salt. At least, they didn't succumb to the anti-meat morons or the insane low salters (less than 15t00 mg per day), led by the ridiculous Dr. Elliott Antman. Now maybe if people were ants...

As to the paleo diet, once you get past its low carb aspects, it is little more than a silly celebration of the Noble Savage. That is to say, it is mostly bunk. And, cavemen DID get heart disease.

Read the complete article.


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