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Impaired driving, SAMHSA, and the DOT: It's...complicated

This HND piece delves into a brief history of how the trucking industry became regulated in 1935, which messed things up so badly that much of it became de-regulated in 1980. Of course, new regs would follow shortly.

This gets us into the bizarro world of required physical exams for truck drivers. Let's be kind and say that the integrity of these exams varies quite a bit. At the bottom are "doctors" who hang out a truck stops, and will basically pass anyone, to legit MDs who...yes...occasionally have to fail drivers, which unfortunately means that they cannot work as drivers anymore.

The other problem is the inconsistency of what drugs they test for, and what drugs are prohibited, but are not tested for.

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Retirement health: Fiscal, physical, and mental

This HND piece starts off with a brief history of retirement, busts a long-held myth, and then segues into practical issues encountered by many retirees.

The fiscal side gives a referral to a new and growing website, chock full of interesting—and contrarian—ideas. The mental component features some points from an article entitled "5 Warning Signs You Aren't Psychologically Prepared for Retirement." As to physical health...we discuss those topics constantly in our other HND articles, all archived here.

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Unplugged: Updated for the connected generation

This HND piece examines the worrisome situation in which people—and not just youth—seem to be permanently attached to their devices. Notwithstanding the obvious physical ailments that excessive use of such products can bring, there are surely also mental consequences, including plain and simple addiction.

We take a look back at the notion of High tech/High touch, originally introduced by John Naisbitt in his blockbuster best-seller Megatrends. As it happens, this sort of thing leads into Zenlock, a product featured in the posting.

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A look at energy drinks

This HND piece traces the history of such beverages, long before they were even called "energy drinks." Do Roman gladiators take the concept far back enough for you? How about coffee itself, dating from the 15th century?

Then there's Coca-Cola, at one time containing plenty of sugar, caffeine, and cocaine—for good measure. We discuss the likely mechanism of how caffeine acts as a stimulant, along with its paradoxical effects on headaches and migraines. And, don't forget Jolt Cola.

We end up at a kinder, gentler, energy drink, that is gaining appeal, amidst the additive-laden competition.

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Water bottles, water bottles, everywhere

This HND piece riffs on a famous line from Coleridge, and suggests that the profligate use of bottled water has become an environmental issue in itself.

To be sure, purifying your own tap water at home—with charcoal filtration—is a popular option. We discuss what is actually meant by the term "activated charcoal," and why coconut shell activated charcoal is considered to be the best type.

Then, we get specific and highlight a new product from an innovative company in the field of hydration.

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