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Beat the holiday blues by improving your posture

This HND piece anticipates the dreaded holiday downers, and documents how a better posture could improve your mood. For one thing, a good posture is linked to increases in testosterone and decreases in cortisol levels. Likewise, it has long been known that stretching—which improves posture—causes endorphins (pain-reducing, feel-good hormones) to be released.

Ironically, for those who already have bad posture, slouching might feel more comfortable. That's because the very act of slouching weakens core muscles, making it more difficult to sit upright. There's your vicious cycle!

We then cover a cool breakthrough product from chiropractor Evelyn Haworth. Her Tru-Align is a passive system that does wonders for improving posture, and relieves many symptoms.

Read the complete article.


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