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Post-traumatic stress disorder and...Ecstasy

Two offbeat topics to round out the year

This HND piece covers two somewhat unique and completely unrelated topics: Polydactyly and black-eyed kids.

I've always thought that people with functional six-fingered hands are more common than reported, simply because there's no reason TO report it. Indeed, the best way for a parent to handle this is to tell the child that it may be "abnormal," but absent the difficulty in obtaining gloves, it might really be a gift. If anything, such kids will probably end up being more popular than average.

Officially, most polydactyly involves small, useless digits that are usually removed in early childhood.

As to the black-eyed kids, we describe the most reasonable explanation that I—as a connoisseur of the bizarre—have ever heard.

Read the complete article.


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