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February 2017

Less clutter, better health

This HND piece examines how clutter can affect one's health. Most of us know that hoarding can have awful effects, but it turns out that simple clutter can cause stress, and even depression.

We quote expert Peter Walsh, who identifies "Memory" clutter—stuff that reminds us of important events, and "Someday" clutter—items you won't toss because you feel you might need them someday. During his years of helping people get their possessions organized, Walsh noticed that his clients would improve other aspects of their lives, as well. In fact, he was able to tie this into losing weight, and wrote a book on the subject.

For the stuff that we do need to keep, an up-and-coming supplier of home storage and organizational products in highlighted.

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Energy, sports drinks, and energy supplements

This HND piece begins with a brief review of how energy is controlled in biological systems—namely the ATP-ADP cycle. From there, we move into cellular respiration and a short history of sports drinks. What we now call "energy drinks" usually have some amount of caffeine, and there are hundreds of brands available.

The posting concludes by spotlighting a new energy drink, that features some special ingredients to overcome the all-too-familiar caffeine crash—which often follows that needed boost of energy.

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Stem cells, platelet rich plasma, and healing

This HND piece delves into a new form of treatment, that is now moving from elite athletes to the general public. We begin with a discussion of stem cells, and how they are key agents of healing—normally traveling to the injured area via the bloodstream.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is used by injection to encourage stem cells getting to regions with lowered blood supply—and these include joints, meniscus tissue, rotator cuff, spinal discs, and other tendonous/ligamentous structures. You know: areas prone to pain, since we humans first walked the earth.

When PRP isn't quite enough—as in osteoarthritis— stem cells (adult stem cells are used) can be injected directly at the site in question.

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