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April 2017

Autism April—a bit more

This HND piece is a follow-up to the previous entry—our annual treatment of autism. In this case, we focus on the works and comments of Michael J. Goldberg, MD.

Goldberg has many documented cures of formerly autistic kids, concentrating on a neuro-immune etiology. Sadly, even though scientific papers, dating back to at least 2004, support this notion, the mainstream "autism community" is uninterested. Cynics might suggest that it's because there is far more money in maintaining the "incurable/treat for life" mantra.

Cold comfort that this sort of mentality applies to a host of other conditions besides autism.

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Autism April—featuring CMV and HHV-6

This HND piece is the latest installment in our annual coverage of National Autism Awareness Month. This time, we look into compelling evidence that nasty herpesvirues CMV and HHV-6 could be involved in the epidemic of autism spectrum disorder.

We link out to lots of good material, including the original paper from Dr. Leo Kanner, who first described the disorder in 1943. We also cover the breakthrough ideas of Michael J. Goldberg, MD, who's been bucking the medical establishment, while curing kids along the way. However, the scariest stuff is probably the litany of illnesses caused by these horrible and omnipresent viruses.

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