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The salt fix: a book review

Distracted: a book review

We do a review of Dr. Matthew Hahn's new book over at HND. Hahn is a modern day country doctor who knows a thing or two about the difficulties of practicing good medicine in a era of so many...distractions. Naturally, the lion's share of these distractions are directly related to onerous government regulation of healthcare, along with having to deal with private insurance companies.

Among other things, Hahn eviscerates the hated electronic health records (EHRs), acknowledging that a good EHR system could revolutionize healthcare.   In fact, EHRs will ultimately be a key component in fixing the current mess. Hahn is a true voice of reason in the current mostly idiotic debate which thinks that the answer to all of our problems is simply to get every one insured.

Read the complete article.


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