Distracted: a book review
ACSH and the little black book of junk science

The salt fix: a book review

We have covered the low-salt diet mythology before, but in this review, we shine the spotlight on the first full-length book on the subject. Research scientist James J. DiNicolantonio has done a bravura job in presenting the case against low salt diets.

Sadly, the low salt meme seems to have at least as much staying power as the thousands of times disproved, but still active cholesterol theory of coronary heart disease.

While there are any number of wonderful pull quotes from the book, here's one of my favorites: "The American Heart Association [low-salters] tells everyone to exercise every day, and we lose a ton of salt in our sweat. It's just so counterintuitive, it doesn't make any sense. We can lose a teaspoon of salt every single hour when working out in the heat."

Read the complete article.


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