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March 2018

Benchmarking in healthcare

This HND piece examines the relatively new phenomenon of bringing classical quality control techniques--such as benchmarking--into the troubled world of healthcare.  We go into the history of the concept, which was popularized by Xerox, and then discuss a specific case, involving a hospital in Michigan.

Interestingly, this hospital emulated some of the techniques established by Disney and Ritz-Carlton.

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Two new directions in healthcare

This HND piece focuses on two surprising new research findings--one in opioids and the other in type 2 diabetes.  As it happens, opiods may not be any more effective against pain that non-opioid meds; and the constant hype on glycemic control for type 2s might just be overstating things a bit.

Both of these findings run contrary to the conventional wisdom, even though for those in the respective fields, they are not exactly earth-shattering news.  The takeaway for me, at least, is that there is a whole Hell of a lot that we just don't know about pain management and type 2 diabetes.

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Getting personal with DNA

This HND piece gets back to basics.  We discuss the discovery of DNA, the founding of genetics, and delve into applications of DNA science.  The biggest application, even if no one predicted it, is forensics.

Thus, we also cover the very first homicide conviction with DNA, and the first in the US.  Additionally, they both also resulted in the exoneration of people wrongly convicted.  Finally, we promote a special deal to get your DNA tested for free (for ancestry).

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