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July 2018

Saving lives

This HND piece examines a few practical ways that lives really can be saved. Accidental deaths are a good place to start, and this topic has been in the use quite a bit lately. After all, drug overdoses have now overtaken auto accidents in this category.

We also look at diseases, and list a few proven techniques to avoid being an early victim. The article concludes with ways to cut unnecessary deaths in healthcare settings, and spotlights a new free app that could help.

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Bringing science back

This HND piece discusses how science became distrusted by Americans, and what we can do to restore its lost luster. We look back to the short-lived "Golden Age" of science, peaking in the postwar years, with the structure of DNA being elucidated, and the polio vaccine being introduced. But, as we note:

"As the 1960s played out and the public's respect for all manner of once cherished institutions began to crumble, Science too was put under scrutiny. Its great promise and past accomplishments now forgotten, the accounting was done, and on the bottom line were frightful weapons systems, nuclear waste, and napalm."

Much of the loss of confidence has to do with the outlandish health/diet scares that have plagued the media for more than 50 years. Ending on a hopeful note, we spotlight a wonderful organization that gets students involved in real space experiments.

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Healthcare reform: bringing the right parties to the table

This HND piece examines some of the good reasons behind healthcare reform. We site several rather disturbing statistics, and then get into the practice of defensive medicine.

Given the current legal situation, most doctors must practice defensive medicine—even if it surely increases costs. However, given the large number of documented medical mistakes, there is also a benefit. We conclude with some thoughts from a leading medical malpractice attorney.

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