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August 2018

A look at EMFs

This HND piece examines electromagnetic fields. They're all around us, but are they also a health hazard? The conventional wisdom holds that unless heating is involved (as in microwaves), non-ionizing radiation is harmless.

But maybe, that is not the case. People are noticing odd effects on their health, caused by proximity to things like wireless routers and smart meters, used to monitor electrical usage. There has been a fair amount of research on this matter, and the results are...wait for it...inconclusive.

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A look at arrhythmia

This HND piece gives an introduction to the very common, and sometimes dangerous problem of heart arrhythmias. It starts off with some essential anatomy, and then gets into the basics. From there, we describe a few widespread conditions, with caveats as to which really are dangerous.

Included are some good links, that give instant access to more detail, including some cool diagrams of the heart.

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The benzo predicament

This HND piece examines the country's most UN-heralded drug problem.  I'm talking about benzodiazepines--aka "benzos."  This class of drugs is not only very addictive, but it is extremely difficult to wean yourself off them.  Some patients go on tapers of decreasing the dose 1-2% per MONTH.

We give you plenty of depressing facts and figures, and quote well-regarded sources, including Drs. Kelly Brogan and Peter Breggin.   Don't miss this one.

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Healthcare branding

This HND piece begins by defining "branding," and then goes into some of the ways that physicians and hospitals can create a unique name and image for their enterprise. Fortunately, this is a bit easier to accomplish now, compared to the days before Medicare and group insurance.

A key strategy is to change the focus from "What should we do?" to "What do our patients need?" Related to this is the precept of disrupting the notion of "patient loyalty." Sure, back in the day, before everything was controlled by third party payers, such loyalty was essentially a given, assuming the patient didn't move out of the area, and he was treated right. But now, insurance coverages can change, and patients can be lost in an instant.

We then touch on the importance of creating a logo. This can apply to group practices, as well as larger clinics and hospitals.

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