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An interesting proposal from the healthcare trenches

This HND piece is a guest column from Steve Schuster, CEO of Innovative Anesthesia, with decades of experience in healthcare.

My friend Schuster gets right to the point: What do the people want? Most surveys indicate overwhelmingly that people want health care services when they need it, at minimal out-of-pocket costs. He also destroys the myth of a "market" for healthcare:

There is no "market" for health care. People get sick, go the doctor and expect a way to get better, without worrying about prices or costs. All they want is to get better, and they have neither the time nor the ability to shop for the lowest cost or price. Couple this with the fact that most get health insurance from their employer and do not think they are spending their own money, one can readily see that a "market" does not exist.

But, the best part is his wonderful plan to fix health insurance.

Read the complete article.


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