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November 2018

Controlled substances: Who's watching the controllers?

This HND piece focuses on serious vagaries in how a particular controlled substance, CBD, is regulated. The case discussed involves Epidiolex, a CBD isolate recently FDA-approved for certain seizure disorders.

CBD is considered a Schedule I substance, which means that it has no approved medical usage. But, I guess it now does, so what is to be done? Let's just say that what the Feds did pleased the makers of Epidiolex...and no one else. Regulatory politics at its absolute worst.

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More on CBD

This HND piece is a follow-up to previous postings on this exciting Cannabis extract. Cannabidiol is rapidly growing in popularity because it provides virtually all the medical benefits of Cannabis, without the psychotropic effects. As such, it should be of no interest to the DEA, but may eventually come under the FDA.

Thus, CBD suppliers are encouraged to act as if they already were regulated. Note how the FDA is starting to go hog-wild on e-cigarettes if any further convincing is needed. The piece provides many useful links—especially to research studies on how CBD can benefit sufferers of 46 medical conditions.

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Smoking and quitting–a follow-up

This HND piece takes up where the earlier one left off. In this entry, we offer more interesting statistics and include a few offbeat methods for quitting.

One of the "offbeat" categories involves herbal preparations, which leads us into introducing a new product that combines certain herbs, vitamins, and minerals—designed to ease your journey through the cessation process.

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