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Fixing female genital mutilation


This topic was introduced last December, and in this HND piece, we expand on what can be done to help the victims of this brutal practice.

We feature the great work done by The Surgery Center for FGM, and include three riveting case histories. Too bad there's not a "#metoo" movement for these womem.

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Shameless lies about vaping


This HND piece reports on the sorry state of the official tobacco control movement. In the wake of a recent large British study which concludes toast e-cigs are twice as effective for smoking cessation than officially-sanctioned methods, officialdom has changed its tactics. Now, they say the e-cigs are no safer than cigarettes.

We interview one of the biggest names in the tobacco control movement—Michael Siegel—who spills the beans on his colleagues. Siegel is unapologetically forthright, and his remarks will open plenty of eyes.

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What is a green product?


This HND piece spends some time on formulating a definition for "green product." As you may imagine, there is no accepted definition, and we link to an academic review lamenting just this point. Still, out of the dozens they found, we pick the most succinct and best.

We then briefly discuss the notion of "net green," which comes off as impractical. This segues into a description of some very fine products that help you with hydration, while being technologically excellent and using top-notch green materials.

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Medicare for all meets anti-vaxxers and IBS

Interesting_newsThis HND piece provides short takes on the above-mentioned topics. It seems to be little noted in the elite media that Dem Rep. Pramila Jayapal's new version of Medicare For All, has fewer sponsors than did the original 2017 bill. Consider, that there are 40 more Dems in the House now, than in 2017. Could other members be afraid of the price tag and the fact that it also eliminates private insurance?

The second section of the piece shows you what can happen when the anti-vax community influences too many folks to forgo vaccinations. Consider that measles was eradicated in the US in 2000, but now it's back with hundreds of cases. We conclude with the great results obtained against irritable bowel syndrome, using hypnotherapy.

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More on Medicare for all


This HND piece continues the exposure of the utter madness that is Medicare For All. We again refer to the earliest proponent of a healthcare system completely run by the federal government. You may have heard of him; his name was Adolf Hitler. And, we all know how that turned out.

With no co-pay, the only way this disaster could proceed is by rationing care, and forcing providers to work for far less. That such an insane measure could even have been proposed just shows you how ignorant and out of touch our "progressive" political class really is. Of course, there are also any number of moronic folks who work in healthcare that are also on-board.

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