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What's driving the rise of mental health issues and suicide in teens?


This HND piece, written by guest author Mark Goulston, MD, takes a hard look at some of the major causes of the increase in teen suicides and mental health issues, occurring over the last 12 years. Some of these causes include distracted parents; our society's addiction to thrills and instant gratification, which can supplant true familial closeness; and the inevitable adrenaline crashes that occur.

Goulston notes that "Staying distracted from our feelings is not a long-term solution. Feelings must be felt all the way through, in the same way you need to drain an abscess to heal. Ultimately, we must get off the adrenaline high and return to bonding. Excitement can't take the place of intimacy. We have to stop believing that everything is okay when it's clearly not."

Read the complete article.


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