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The state of medical cannabis

Medical_cannabisThis HND piece examines the odd disparities and paradoxes in our country's approach to regulating cannabis. Not only are there state-to-state differences, but there is a bizarre situation at the federal level. Even though a particular preparation of cannabidiol is now FDA approved, cannabis is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance. That is, of course, unless the cannabis is that exact preparation of CBD—Epidiolex—which is merely Schedule V.

We contrast this mess with the situation in Australia, where medical cannabis is legal at the federal level throughout the country. It's all about Prohibition, isn't it? To prove this, we reference the work of Fredric Wertham.

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More reasons to question the wisdom of Medicare for all


This HND piece examines just a few notorious federal government health program massive failures, and asks why we think they would do any better running the entire healthcare system.

First up is forced sterilizations, along with them being upheld by our Supreme Court. Then there's the Tuskegee Study, which looked at what might happen if syphilis goes untreated. Of course, that one kept going long after penicillin was the standard cure. And how about germ warfare testing using live pathogens sprayed over many big cities? Last but not least...all the fiascoes at our VA hospitals.

Oh yes. I do believe in Medicare For All, I do, I do, I dooooo.

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The angels weep over L.A.'s public health crisis

This HND piece focuses on the rapidly deteriorating situation around the many homeless encampments in Los Angeles. It was easy enough for officials to cover things up until cases of typhus and typhoid have crept into the non-homeless population. And then there is the rat infestation of the City Hall complex, along with the fleas that come along for the ride.

As if that weren't bad enough, serious folks are predicting an outbreak of bubonic plague this summer. No, these aren't third world conditions, these are more like medieval conditions—so says LA-based Dr. Drew Pinsky.

There's really no choice now, but to get these homeless off the streets, and set up some sort of workfare for those who can; rehab the many addicts; and provide care for the mentally ill. Failing that, we'll be reading about bubonic plague in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.

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Another look at sleep


This HND piece is a somewhat belated follow-up to an article from 2013. In the current piece, we examine recommended sleep durations, the best sleeping positions, and if you can really make up for lost sleep at a later time.

As it happens, chronic sleep deprivation is not benign, and is linked to many serious illnesses. Whether you're a night owl or a morning lark, you do need your sleep!

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